About JackCow

We at JackCow do not believe in paying for more when it comes to treating ourselves; may it be dining or entertainment. Instead we believe that rather than paying for more, we should be paying for less! How less you may ask? Up to 50% to 90% less! That’s how less! And from there, we at JackCow aim to bring you the best deals at the lowest price ensuring maximum savings and enjoyment at the same time.

JackCow is dedicated in bringing deals everyday to be enjoyed by everyone. We offer our consumers great value by guaranteeing businesses a certain number of customers. If the certain number of people sign up for the deal, then everyone gets the JackCow deal. If that quota is not reached, then the deal is off, meaning no one gets it.

Established in January 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, JackCow is a collective-buying platform that offers daily deals on the coolest stuff to eat, see and buy in Malaysia. JackCow is owned by Forum Digital Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Qinetics Solutions Berhad.

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