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  • A MUST-SEE magical performance in Phuket!

    [23% OFF] *See Phuket* RM199 Phuket Fantasea: Fantasy of a Kingdom Show with Buffet Dinner and Hotel Transfers (n/p RM220)



    RM 199.00


    RM 61.00




    Choice 1 :[23% OFF] *See Phuket* RM199 Phuket Fantasea: Fantasy of a Kingdom Show with Buffet Dinner and Hotel Transfers (n/p RM220)
    price: RM199.00
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      • Phuket Fantasea – the Ultimate Nighttime Cultural Theme Park.
      • Fantasy of a Kingdom – a cultural illusion show – sit back and relax as the cast bedazzles you with Thai Culture.
      • Buffet Dinner served at the Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant.

      What You Get From This Deal

      What do you get with this coupon?

      Admission for ONE (1) person to Phuket Fantasea Show
      Buffet Dinner for ONE (1) person
      Hotel Pick Up & Drop-Off in Patong

      Minimum number for a travelling party is TWO (2). Single travelers not allowed on this tour. Minimum coupon purchase is TWO (2).

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      Where To Get This Deal

      Jack's Tour

      H/P: 018-287 2639
      E-Mail: travel@jackcow.com

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    Hailed as the island’s BIGGEST show, Phuket Fantasea is the ultimate MUST-SEE when it comes to sightseeing and traveling within the Thai’s striking and cultural utopia.

    Impressive, bizarre and delicate architecture; trapeze artists swinging through the air, filling the air with suspense and held-back-breaths of anticipation, hundreds of majestic, performing animals; all in all creating a perfect harmonious balance of cultural tradition and fantasy. Phuket Fantasea is an award-winning, Las Vegas-style production spectacle that fusions the beauty of Thai culture with magical illusions, 4-D effects, aerial ballet, acrobatics, pyrotechnics, special effects, exciting stunts and elephant performances featuring over 44 elephants, all into one unforgettably unique theatrical experience guaranteed to delight visitors of all ages.

    Feast your eyes upon the explosive visual extravagance from the modern, mystical effects such as smoke, explosions, lasers, rain, and soaring people to the remarkable cultural insights of the Thai culture by observing their traditional dances from different regions of the country, shadow puppets and striking costumes. Boggle your mind with the antics and accomplished performance by not only the elephants; but with goats, roosters, water buffalos and even doves as supporting actors.

    Don’t miss out on Jack’s special offer, for only RM199 per person instead of its usual price at RM220, enjoy the Phuket Fantasea theatrics, along with access to the International Golden Kinnaree Buffet (one of the biggest buffets in Asia), and free hotel transfers to and fro by ferry. They don’t usually give discounts to show-goers, in this instance, a dinner and show deal is just too great to be passed on!

    Indulge yourself in the other entertainments before the curtains are drawn! Hop on an elephant for a trip around the Songbird Luminaire, amuse your kids by bringing them to the Similan Adventure Center; a sea-themed arcade filled with entertainment and games that will knock their socks off, shop for souvenirs and mementos, or even head to the photo studio to play dress-up as you and your family pose in traditional Thai garbs for a memorable picture to bring back to tell the tale of your adventures.

    Trust Jack when he says young children, old children, and adult children will all enjoy the show. The show is unique, dazzling and simply spectacular! Remember to travel in a couple; that’s two people at a minimum, so if you’re a single traveller, get a buddy to tag along. Don’t miss out on this famous, obligatory entertainment when if you’re visiting Phuket, especially if the whole family’s coming along!


    “The show was fantastic!! The elephants were amazing and the theme park is absolutely beautiful - and there is lots of entertainment to see beforehand so make sure you arrive about a 1 1/2 before the show begins.”

    (Elisabeth2145 from Australia, December 2011)

    “Such a mix, I felt, could only be experienced in Thailand. It was great. Very professional and for 90 minutes, very entertaining.”

    (confused_11 from Thailand, 1 February 2012)

    “The show itself is remarkable. It is being held in huge specially constructed theatre with number of special effect (though quite acceptable even to the little children) and has lots of good style Asian flavour. The performance overall is very much Lido-style experience and is of very high quality. The theatre itself is also constructed in such a way that you can enjoy the performance from almost any point, not necessarily from "golden seats" only. We saw number of similar shows around the world and can really tell that this one is having high world-level quality and interesting for most of the audience. Moreover the costs of tickets are less or matching the same shows anywhere is Europe or USA.”

    (AS71 from Russia, 28 January 2012)

    “A beautiful mix of Thai capability of conducting shows of such a smooth scale, the jaw dropping acrobatics, spine chilling animal shows on the stage., luxurious Thai food and the freshening ambience for people of all ages. Simply wonderful!”

    (Hari Mohan D from Nagpur, 26 January 2012)

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